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An angel investor or angel (also known as a business angel, informal investor, angel funder, private investor, or seed investor) is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. A small but increasing number of angel investors invest online through equity crowdfunding or organize themselves into angel groups or angel networks to share research and pool their investment capital, as well as to provide advice to their portfolio companies.

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Who are we?

SuperAngelsVentures (SAV) is a group of super-angel investors and serial entrepreneurs started in Cyberport Hong Kong and Shenzhen China in 2016, and led by the co-founders of  venture capital companies and private equity investors. SuperAngelsVentures is committed to providing an efficient deal-flow and information exchange platform for entrepreneurs and angel investors. 

About SuperAngelsVentures 超级天使团 简介
SuperAngelsVentures (SAV) 超级天使团 是由 太平洋国际财务 Pacific Financial、iTM Ventures、OES Capital、德纳资产管理 Dena、硬蛋 及 IoT Ventures 牵头,多家创投 VC、天使投资人共同发起并组建,于2016年在香港  數碼港 Cyberport 成立。SAV 超级天使团秉承专业化与国际化的核心理念,旨在搭建一个天使投资各方专业有效的交流、共赢、研究发展平台; 致力于建立稳定的投资机制,寻求合理的投资方式,为创业家与天使投资人在愉快的合作氛围中实现增值共赢!SAV拥有丰富的投资机构资源,现已经拥有近10多家来自香港、深圳、台湾、澳门、美国等世界各地的投资机构与基金组织,SAV成员机构管理的投资基金总额近$5亿。
SuperAngelVentures (SAV) is a group of super-angel investors started in Cyberport Hong Kong in 2016, and led by the co-founders of Pacific Financial, iTM Ventures, OES Capital, Dana Asset Management, , , IoT Ventures, and other professional venture capital and private equity investors. SuperAngelsVentures is committed to providing an efficient deal-flow and information exchange platform for entrepreneurs and angel investors. 

SuperAngelsVentures 超級天使投資團 has well over 30 years of serial entrepreneurs with internet and high tech startups, and financing experience.

SuperAngels 超級天使幫 FB:

SuperAngelsVentures 超級天使團隊:  Founding Partners & Investors :

Prof. Timmy Tan 陳建榮 ( International University of Cooperative Education Germany iUCE )

Timmy Tan, Founder & Chairman of LaIsla Magazine & SK Techno-lube Corporation ( Global Fortune 500 Company Rank 65 ), 菲律宾首富陈永栽 Lucio Tan 之子, 北京大学校友创业联合会会员,La Isla出版公司和SK化工等多家公司的创始人; 陈建荣父亲陈永栽 Lucio Tan 是多家上市公司董事长:菲律宾航空公司 Philippine Airlines PAL,菲律宾国家银行Philippine National Bank PNB董事长,联盟银行Allied Bank董事长,菲华商总会等.

Anson Chan 陳燿璋 先生 , Bonds Group 寶聲集團 董事長 
Chan's Creative School Hong Kong 陳氏教育機構

The Better Hong Kong Foundation 香港明天更好基金 理事委員 Council Member  

The Better Hong Kong Foundation ( ) is a privately-funded, non-profit making organisation and has no political affiliation. It was formed by influential Hong Kong business and community leaders in 1995 to build greater international understanding between East and West by facilitating communications between Hong Kong, China and the global community. The Foundation's principal objective is to help build a better Hong Kong. 
Mr. Anson Chan received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and MBA from the University of Toronto, Canada. Mr. Chan is also a Certified Public Accountant in the U.S. and a Charted Accountant in Ontario, Canada. 

Tony Tong 唐儀 (Adjunct Professor - University of Minnesota)

Tony Tong 唐仪 is an early angel investor in 區塊鏈 Blockchain Crypto projects, co-founder of Pacific Financial Services, consultant at Dena Law Firm 德纳律师事务所 , a leading PRC law firm with over 500 attorneys with offices in China. 
In the 1990's Mr. Tong worked at Andersen Consulting USA on financial services workflow systems. Mr. Tong's R&D achievements include being the inventor of US Patent Number 6012066 titled "Computerized Work Flow System." Tony was a member of the G2E Asia Advisory Committee and a frequent presenter on at China Hi-Tech Fair, China Venture & Private Equity Summit, and a frequent speaker on technology investment in China, and was invited to present at the APEC Finance & Technology Summit. Tony graduated with Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Degree from the University of Minnesota and served  as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota, USA.  Mr. Tong was also named to the "Asian Gaming 50" list by Inside Asian Gaming Magazine, July 2008: "The Big 50 - The most influential people in Asia's gaming industry".
Tony Tong - Startup Mentor - Chinese University Center for Entrepreneurship 中文大學創業校友網絡 , Centre for Innovation and Technology (CINTEC), and the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO), to create and deliver Entrepreneurial Toolkit and Training Workshops through the Business Advisory Service, matching them with Investment Opportunities. 「中大創進坊」旨在協助有志創業的中大學生和校友開拓及把握商業機遇; 由中大創業研究中心、創新科技中心、及知識轉移處攜手創辦, 於2013年成立。

Tony Tong Internet Workflow Patent 唐仪 美国专利 6012066

Dr. Philip Zhai 翟普博士 香港理工大學工商學院客座教授, 清華大學香港校友會副會長. 

Dr Philip Zhai , CEO, China Alpha Fund Management (HK) Limited 中國守正基金 Dr Philip Zhai was previously a Managing Director of J.P. Morgan Investment Banking, Hong Kong, and Managing Director of Macquarie Capital China operation. Before his career in investment banking, Dr Zhai was the Head of Investments at Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong listed red chip company with substantial investments in China infrastructure, property, consumer and technology space with 4 billion net asset under management. Dr Zhai obtained his Ph.D from Cambridge University and his Bachelor degree in Materials Engineering from Tsinghua University. 翟普博士 (Philip) 是资深投资银行家,拥有逾15年的企业管理和投资银行管理经验。目前,翟博士是中国守正基金管理(香港)有限公司的行政总裁。 翟博士曾先后在摩根大通及麦格理银行担任董事总经理,专注大中华区业务,负责管理红筹企业及成长型公司的企业融资和并购顾问服务。 翟博士先后获得清华大学工程学学士学位及剑桥大学博士学位,现担任香港中国金融协会副主席。

Marvin Lai  賴宗志    

Marvin oversees principal investments for iTM Ventures and advises several funds on originations and strategic investments in Greater China region,  Marvin is Executive Director of Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (HKVCA), Director of the Board of Hong Kong Business Angel Network (HKBAN), and Associate Professor in Practice of Tsinghua University SEM. Mr. Marvin Lai is a trained engineer, a serial entrepreneur, and a practicing venture capitalist. Marvin has over 29 years’ experience in financial services (VC/PE), technologies in the USA, Singapore, HK/China, and Korea. Personally, Marvin invests in early-stage companies, mentors several entrepreneurs and is Angel-in-Residence (AiR) at Tsinghua X-Lab in Beijing. Marvin is Past President of Columbia University Alumni Assocation of Hong Kong (2006-2008), and Assistant Governor (2013-2014) of District 3450 of Rotary International. Marvin earned his BSc degree from Columbia University, MSc degree from Johns Hopkins University, and EMBA degrees from Tsinghua University & INSEAD.
Hong Kong Business Angel Network 香港商业天使网络 HKBAN
HKVCA 香港创业及私募投资协会 ;
赖先生 iTM创投集团的合伙人 : 拥有超过29年的工作经验 包括金融创投和私募、电信、信息科技及消费等行业,负责管理iTM在亚洲的主要投资业务,专注于电信、消费和科技等领域。赖先生曾于多间跨国公司担任高层管理职位,并在IBM和AT&T贝尔实验室开始了他的事业里程。 赖先生持有的学位包括: 北京清华大学经管学院的EMBA、伦敦大学的金融硕士、澳洲麦格理大学(MGSM)的理论硕士、美国约翰霍普金斯大学的电机硕士,以及美国哥伦比亚大学的电机学士。

SuperAngelsVentures 超級天使團 投資人 Investors : 

Timmy Tan 陳建榮

Anson Chan 陳燿璋

Tony Tong  唐儀   區塊鏈天使投資 Blockchain Crypto Angel 

Philip Zhai 翟普

Marvin Lai  賴宗志

SuperAngels 超級天使團  Venture Partners and Advisers : 
David Li 李佳林 VST Chairman 偉仕控股 0856 香港清華校友會永遠會長

Dr. Philip Zhai 翟普博士 香港理工大學工商學院客座教授, 清華大學香港校友會副會長. 
Dr. Hon Chi Tin 韓子天 教授 澳門科技大學  Macau University of Science and Technology  澳門安信通科技有限公司董事 ,廣東省科協委員會澳門特邀委員.  
Cai Hua 蔡华 全球跨境电子商务协会联合发起人联席会长 GCEA Co-Founder, Global Cross-border E-commerce Association ( )

Joseph Yuen 袁念祖 香港電商聯會 Hong Kong Federation of ECommerce 中國郵貿

Shen Yang 沈洋  总裁网 中国领先股权投融资互联网媒体平台  

Philip Law 罗远江  Partner of Deloitte HK 德勤 合伙人 市场战略部 

Steven Betsalel, founder of Singapore Diamond Exchange SDiX in partnership with Jim Rogers

Victor Lee, Sniper Capital.
Packy Wang - China internet payment and redemption expert.
Spike Feng 馮少賢 Shenzhen SME financing association. 深圳市华安信小额贷款股份有限公司

Tony Zheng 郑成兴 Ritz - China ZiTong Mining Investment Ltd. 紫铜矿业 

Chen Jun Feng 陈峻峰 Founder of Dena Asset Management 德纳资产管理 徳纳律师事务所

Sean Weisbrot - Founder of IdeaXchange Shenzhen.
Jeffrey Firestone - US Attorney, IP law.
Chris Keir - US Attorney, IP law.
Drew Shaefer - Legal adviser.
Daria Fedorova - Russia-APEC business adviser.
Max Ma - Internet cloud computing and security expert.
Jenny Jin - China certified accountant, accounting and financial expert. 
Howard He - China certified accountant, accounting and financial expert.
Sam Cui - Internet gadgets, internet of things IoT expert.

Business Partners:  硬蛋 科通芯城 0400.HK
IoT Ventures  

Tsing Capital 青云创投  
Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR. 香港特別行政區 創新及科技局
Cyberport Hong Kong 香港數碼港

Hong Kong Federation of ECommerce 香港電商聯會 

Deloitte 德勤 

VST ECS 偉仕控股 0856.HK 

Tsinghua University Alumi Association HK 香港清華校友會永遠會長

GCEA 全球跨境电子商务协会 Global Cross-border E-commerce Association  
China CEO Net 总裁网 中国领先股权投融资互联网媒体平台  
Allied Bank 新聯銀行  subsidiary of Philippine National Bank PNB
LaIsla Publishing Corporation, official magazine of Philippine Airlines
SK Techno-Lube Corporation , 
OES Capital 
iTM Ventures  資奧國際

Pacific Capital 太平洋投資 

Dena Asset Management 德纳资产管理 
Legal Adviser 法律顧問 :   Dena Law Firm 德纳律师事务所 
SME Lending Financiers :  
Paco Finance 
Pacific Financial Services 太平洋國際財務有限公司
SuperAngels Ventures 超級天使团 

深圳金中环 - 深圳市福田区金田路3037号金中环商务大厦42楼  (深圳地铁会展中心站E出口)

創投VC, 天使Angels, 超級天使SuperAngels, 創業投資人到底有什麼不同? 和一般天使投資人Angels比較, 超級天使投資人SuperAngels 的額度比較大,每年投的案件數比較多, 另外SuperAngels資金來源則往往包含了來自其他法人委託的資本。 一般傳統創投VC案件數又比超級天使少很多,投資金額往往要從 US$100萬起。

IoT Ventures News: 

硬蛋 青云创投 管理合伙人叶东 青云 QingCloud 硬蛋 推出IoT超市,想让硬件创业者可以低成本犯错,一站式采购 2015-12-10

硬蛋硬件智能硬件 在近日举办的上海创博会上,IC及其他电子元器件交易电商平台硬蛋发布IoT超市产品,利用母公司科通芯城累计的供应链优势,帮助全世界的IoT(物联网)创业者提供一个开发、分享、采购平台。目前,在IoT超市的主打线上,已经集结 Broadcom、Freescale、Intel等百余家供应商和千余款IoT产品。 科通芯城 总裁助理 文东表示,“硬蛋 IoT超市共有四大功能:样品申请、询价、采购和产品查询。用户"找到适合的产品,申请样片,在我们的IOT超市线上直接免费申请,我们提交上去,我们会有线下的服务人员来跟你联系。"


创业邦记者了解道,对于初创的硬件企业而言,最实际的问题就是元器件采购问题,去哪里买?买什么?买什么便宜?如何比价?这些都是他们遇到的实实在在问题,初创企业一般硬件量产规模小,议价能力弱,面对质量参差不齐的元器件难以分辨,为硬件的后期制造带来极大麻烦。 另外,借助硬蛋的平台优势,能为小微创业企业提供背书,帮助他们大型代工厂进行合作。小微企业一般很难发声,而硬蛋作为平台则有集聚优势,不仅能为企业提供发声的渠道,还能为企业与企业之间进行合作,交流提供机会。此次上海创博会,硬蛋共邀请到了百余家硬件厂商,大到BAT,小到几个人成立的公司。


下个十年,几乎每个公司都是智能硬件公司 硬蛋为何这么看好智能硬件,硬蛋创始人 康敬伟 Jeffrey Kang 表示,“今天的智能硬件是一场硬件、软件和服务的连接。智能硬件今天还处于一个刚刚开始的阶段,今天的智能硬件都是一些很新很炫的东西,例如无人机、无人汽车等等,但是在5、10年以后,我们每个人身边至少有2000件物品是连在互联网上的。智能硬件本身已经不是一个硬件,它是硬件+软件+互联网服务三合一的整体,也就是说5、10年以后,基本上找不到任何一个公司不是智能硬件的公司,所以智能硬件是下一代移动互联网的人口。”

科通芯城 CogoBuy 董事长& 硬蛋创始人 康敬伟 Jeffrey Kang

不能简单的把智能硬件理解为“硬件+传感器”,在康敬伟看来,“智能硬件的核心并不是有没有连上互联网,而是IP、云计算、大数据等技术的应用。”在中国,智能硬件的创新是“自下而上的”,创新的源泉不是来自于科学家、政府,而是来自于社会的每一个年轻人。不管是企业、政府,还是硬蛋都是为了能搭建一个平台,为所有的创新创业企业提供产品、服务。康敬伟特别强调了“智能硬件的核心是技术驱动”,因此要学会尊重知识产权、尊重IP,而作为平台方要是学会保护创新、支持创新。 康敬伟告诉创业邦,目前硬蛋的所有服务,对于年轻的初创企业而言都是免费的,他坦言,“我们是劫富济贫,对初创型企业基本上都是采用免费的策略。” 对于扎根在一线的硬件创业者,康敬伟给的建议是,“要明白,其实做一个智能硬件的企业和做一款智能硬件的产品是两件事,在今天科技日新月异的情况下,一个产品的生命周期也就几个月时间,就算你做一个爆品,但是如果没有持续创新的能力,也是昙花一现的。”对于硬蛋而言,他们是想要打造是一个平台,一个可以让让创新创业者在不断尝试错误的过程当中以低成本犯错、低成本学习,不断改进产品,最后走向成功的平台。因此,在康敬伟看来,一个创新创业的体系比做一款创新创业的爆品更有意义。”

* Copyright 2016 - 超级天使团

We're a group of 10 SuperAngels and financial investment experts with various backgrounds of expertise. We're here to help all of our clients and their unique needs related to their retirement and financial help. No future is too big or too small for us, our goal is to simply help create a positive future for all of our clients. 

Here at SuperAngelsVentures 超級天使投資 we understand that starting a new business is scary and uncertain, especially in today's dynamic economy. But, rest assured that in our hands we've helped entrepreneurs with all types of backgrounds to achieve growth and financing success. We want to help make their entrepreneur dream become a reality.